Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011


There has been a lot of baking lately.

Cupcakes for Andy Junk (Martha Stewart recipe):

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Creepy and filled with guacamole.


10:04 PM me: rain city
 Evan: it's like a rain volcano
10:06 PM me: it's as though cats and dogs were falling from the sky, in the form of water
10:07 PM Evan: it's like someone warmed up a blizzard
10:09 PM me: it's as though someone has got the world's largest super soaker and they just don't care where they're shooting it
10:10 PM Evan: it's like someone instead of saying it decided to spray it
10:13 PM me: it's as though lake michigan bought a groupon for skydive chicago and is using it right now
10:17 PM Evan: it's like someone took a whole bag of gushers and put them in their mouth at once (on a cloud)
10:19 PM me: it's as though a bunch of clouds just competed in a 10k run for charity, and now they're all sweaty and sweating on us
10:22 PM Evan: it's like a fish family is moving across country but the movers drove to the wrong house
10:23 PM me: it's as though they built a second shedd aquarium up there and have yet to work out all the kinks
10:24 PM Evan: it's as if the lamestream media told sarah palin not to dump water over everybody and she's going rogue
10:26 PM me: it's as though today is alanis morissette's wedding day
10:28 PM Evan: it's as if it's an alternate universe where shannon hoon never existed and never wrote his hit song
10:30 PM me: it's as though the umbrella industry is in collusion with the clouds in order to drive up sales
10:32 PM Evan: it's as if all the fat kids in public pools did simultaneous belly flops
10:33 PM me: it's as though the clouds are jr. high school kids who have just taught each other how to gleek
10:37 PM Evan: sorry to change the subject
  but ha
10:38 PM ____ is suggesting for my story tomorrow, i read a version of the synopsis i sent of the whole year
 me: it's okay, i was running dry on water jokes
 Evan: ooooo good one