Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



12:34 PMi like the idea of a dude who is famous on tv for having a cooking show
  like emeril or rachael ray
12:35 PM and his little gimmick, right near the end of each recipe, is to say "throw a few sprinkles on top and you're all set!"
  he puts sprinkles on everything
  but only a dash of sprinkles
 Evan: or he has a catchphrase like
  "sprinkle me this"
12:36 PM me: he addresses his audience as "my fellow sprinklers"
  hey there sprinklers and sprinklettes!
 Evan: when he's done, he says "sprinkled sprankled sprunkled"
 me: on this episode we will be making sprinkle salad!
12:37 PM his name is "chef ronny sprinkles"
12:38 PM hes got a sprinkle cannon that he shoots into the audience
  makes a huge mess
  the guys who clean the studio after the show really resent him
12:42 PM Evan: he also travels around the world
  taking in local sprinkles
12:43 PM and also cooks "fusion" cuisine
  mixing american with asian sprinkles
    From here we began investigating actual recipes that require sprinkles which soon led to the discovery of "Fairy Bread"— a treat from down under. It's what gives the Aussies their crazy accent.