Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



9:49 AM dbrouwer: its all in Phatcache
  my new currency
9:50 AM for pimps and technopervs10:02 AM me: how does phatcache compare to the euro dollar?
dbrouwer: it eats it for breakfast
10:09 AM me: can phatcache be used on the blackmarket to pay for illegal surgeries?10:10 AM dbrouwer: no, but you can use it at Starbucks like a gift card.10:11 AM (Starbucks gift cards are used all the time for illegal surgeries, so yes now that I think about it)10:20 AMme: does my phatcache ever expire?10:21 AMdbrouwer: well, its printed on beef. do you have a mini-refrigerator wallet?
(nice thin cuts of veal)
10:39 AMme: so i've got perishables in my wallet?okay, goodand one final questionare there any pictures of presidents or important people printed on the phatcache?10:41 AM         like kirk douglas?
or lindsay lohan10:42 AM dbrouwer: no, they each have a farside comic printed on them
or a band logo
10:43 AMi'm trying to license all the NBA teams too
hopefully by Q3

11:04 AM dbrouwer: what if they changed the $10 bill so it had a Sarlac pit on it? (Rather Than Hamilton)
11:05 AM me: and the $20 gets an update so it has a picture of the front of a jamba juice
11:06 AM dbrouwer: $1 bills would just have a little mirror on them (making it both harder and easier to use them for blow at the same time)
11:07 AM me: and the $50 would have the cast of Friends on it
  but it would be ultra rare
11:08 AM so it would actually be worth $100
11:09 AM dbrouwer: the $100 bill would be blacklisted because it has a hammer and sickle on it
  and child porn
11:10 AM me: then there is the mythical $122 bill, that no one is sure if it exists or not
11:11 AM but people have been searching for it
 dbrouwer: but it has a twitter feed
  so it has to be real